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We are committed to meeting and exceeding client expectations by providing superior office cleaning, Valet Trash and Janitorial Services, and by carefully managing quality control processes. Our commitment to quality ensures a clean and healthy office environment.


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About AcoStar Cleaning

AcoStar Cleaning and Trash Concierge is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned, Minority and Small Business Owner. As a Senior Non-Commission Officer in the Marine Corps I learned Leadership and strong work ethics. My strong work ethic has transitioned over to my business ethics…

Our Visions & Mission

Our vision is that AcoStar Cleaning Services believes in “Customer Vision”- seeing your business through your eyes. Our Mission is to Understand, Determine, and Deliver the service our customers want. We are doing so by providing janitorial and trash concierge(valet trash) services to the highest degree of quality and professionalism while maintaining an elevated level of commitment.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Licensed: In order for any company to work in our industry they must be given a license by the state. This allows us to work under protection of the law. Bonded: For a consumer to be protected many industries demand for companies or individuals to be bonded. With this, in the event of poor workmanship the client is able to recover what was lost from the bonding company. Insured: To protect employees and clients our company is insured to cover workplace accidents as well as property and liability insurance.

Committed to Clients

Having a clean environment to live and work in is no small matter. Cleanliness is important to make sure that everyone in the area stays healthy and can breathe easy. Having a clean environment is also important for mental health as well. Unkempt spaces are oppressive to the mind and undercut concentration and productivity. Let AcoStar Cleaning take care of it so that you can be happy, healthy, and get on with your life.