AcoStar Cleaning Way

Cross Out Contamination By Color 

AcoStar Cleaning Apply The Color-Code System Which Is Proven And Effective Methods To Do The Job Right And In The Most Efficient Manner.

Our Commitment To Quality Ensures A Clean And Healthy Environment.

Nearly all industries benefit from using colors to clean, including medical centers, hotels, restaurants, schools, daycare, and nursing homes. There are many advantages to have AcoStar Cleaning provide you are service using color-code:

  • Control infection
  • Prevent cross-contamination
  • Differentiate for specific tasks or jobs
  • Identify between departments
  • Help bridge the language barrier
  • Simplify employee training.

Our customers especially love our sustainable cleaning products and our color-coded cleaning system.

Cross-contamination is one of the highest risks in the spread of infection. By pairing each color with a different area within a facility prevents the transfer of bacteria between rooms, significantly reducing the spread of infection. To most effectively reduce this risk, AcoStar Cleaning apply the color-code system with the 4 different colors highlighting to employees which equipment should be used where. 

What is Color-Coded System?
Color-coded cleaning is a system to ensure hygiene standards. It can stop cross-contamination between areas of a business that shouldn’t share cleaning equipment, such as the bathrooms and the kitchen.

The Color of Clean


  • Green: Food-related areas like kitchens, break room and cafeterias
  • Blue: Mirrors, window cleaning, glasses and sinks
  • Red: Restrooms area such as toilets and urinals, hazard areas.
  • Yellow: Dry Dusting and polishing General areas like hallways, offices, and conference rooms. Special, customer-specific areas (anything from laboratories to gym facilities).


  • Green: Break room and kitchen area
  • Blue: General areas such as classrooms, hallways, patient rooms
  • Yellow: Special, customer-specific areas (anything from laboratories to gym facilities).
  • Red: Restrooms & hazard areas.

Why is it important?
Color-coding is our first line of defense in protecting the hygiene standards of any commercial location.

How do we prevent cross-contamination?
Use a specific mop for each room. Unlike traditional cotton mops, microfiber flat mops take up little space and can be stacked so you may use a mop for every room. Never take the mop that we just used in the restroom and bring those germs out into the general areas and hallways. Clean the bathroom, take off the mop, put it in your laundry bag, and start fresh with a new mop as we move into a new area. This will make sure whatever the germs are in a particular area are contained.

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