When you expect sparkling floors and clean restrooms, AcoStar Cleaning delivers! Passenger satisfaction stems from the environment, facility and customer service. 

All cleaners have extensive customer service training to provide a pleasant and helpful atmosphere.  Passenger’s experience begins from the moment they park and enter the airport- from check in to security and beyond. Especially during waiting to board, travelers using the restrooms can expect cleanliness when AcoStar Cleaning is there!

Our mission at AcoStar Cleaning is to provide your facility with seamless cleaning and customer service. We know that many passengers will stop to ask which way to go so our staff is trained to provide them with a high level of customer service. 

Sit back and let us make sure your airport is a clean and healthy environment for the traveling public. With excellent response time, AcoStar Cleaning is the company you can rely on to get it done right.

At AcoStar Cleaning Services we understand that your passengers are your top priority.


Our Airport Cleaning Procedure

Our airport cleaning procedure is not so different from the process we follow with all of our valued clients at AcoStar Cleaning. For instance, we always start with the client. We work with you to understand your facility’s unique challenges and needs. Then we craft a tailored cleaning plan to ensure your expectations will be met every time. 

Once you are satisfied with our plan for your airport, we train a team of skilled cleaning technicians to carry out the tasks you require with an eye for quality. They know what equipment and methods to use to give your airport areas the best cleaning possible. They also know how to address problems and communicate with supervisors about problem solving. 

We understand the importance of security and safety in modern airports. That’s why we send only proven employees who have passed extensive background checks and have track records of good work. Our team is committed to working with you to follow all airport security protocols when on the premises.