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Keep Your Texas Gym Clean

At a gym, cleanliness is key. The more clients your gym has, the more necessary it is to keep it clean at all times. The conditions at a gym are perfect for bacterial growth, which brings serious health risks with it, not to mention creates a less pleasant environment for your clients.
Nobody wants to exercise in an environment that is dirty, smelly or otherwise unsavory, and with AcoStar Cleaning Services Of Texas LLC’s expert gym cleaning services they don’t have to! If you’re a Texas gym owner in search of a high quality cleaning service, look no further.

Where Does AcoStar Cleaning LLC Clean?

When we’re in charge of cleaning your gym, no stone is left unturned. We will scour every inch of your facility and put an end to any bacterial growth we come across. After our team is done, your gym will be spotless and smell fresh, providing your clients with a clean, hygienic place to exercise. Not only do we clean areas that clients use, we are also able to take care of any administrative space in your gym.
It may be common courtesy to clean gym equipment after you are finished with it, but the reality is that nothing can get rid of grime like a professional cleaning company can. We use only high quality cleaning products; so that once we’re finished you can rest easy knowing that not a speck of dirt remains.

Maintain Your Customer Base

Staying motivated is one of the biggest problems people face when going to the gym. Maintaining an exercise regiment can be incredibly challenging, so as a gym owner it’s in your best interests to create an environment that is as welcoming as possible.
An essential part of this is keeping your gym clean day after day, so clients don’t have to force themselves to use dirty equipment or put up with locker rooms that are messy and uninviting. AcoStar Cleaning Services Of Texas LLC’s cleaning services can help you maintain your customer base by always making sure your gym is tidy, maximizing its appeal to clients.

Create a Clean Space For Clients

Your clients expect to enter your gym and find a space that is clean for them to exercise, so it’s up to you to find the top cleaning service in town to ensure this is the case. With our experienced staff and reliable service, you don’t have to worry about a thing. All we need from you is a cleaning schedule that works best, and we can take care of everything else.

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A clean gym is one that clients enjoy being in, one where they are able to continue working towards achieving their fitness goals without worrying about being in an unhygienic space.
AcoStar Cleaning LLC provides cleaning services that you can count on, so if your gym is in need of a good scrub, give us a call to create your custom cleaning schedule today.
AcoStar Cleaning LLC consistently strives to provide the most effective approach to janitorial services through the use of technologically advanced equipment and maintenance methods that actually make a difference.
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  1. WELCOMING ENTRANCES Make positive first impressions and keep current members coming back with sparkling entrances that welcome everyone to your gym. Dust furnishings and fixtures, and keep floor mats free from debris and tripping hazards. Clean windows, shine doors, and polish fixtures at least once a week.
  2. INVITING WORKOUT AREAS Attend to basic cleaning routines in these critical spaces multiple times a day. Pay special attention to wall mirrors, and maintain dust-free light fixtures and streak-free windows for optimum interior brightness. Inviting workout areas reflect the pride you take in your facility.
  3. CLEAN, SAFE EQUIPMENT The touch-points on every piece of equipment in your gym should be cleaned throughout the day. Use sanitizing towelettes to stay on top of this ongoing job. Keep a separate fitness facility maintenance checklist to make sure equipment is regularly inspected for safety.
  4. FRESH GYM MATS Their specific placement helps prevent injuries, but gym mats constantly pick up dirt. Sweep exercise areas often, trade out mats after each use, and clean them with a neutral pH product and disinfectant.
  5. WELL-KEPT FLOORS At the end of each day, allow plenty of time on your gym-cleaning schedule for floor and carpet care. Sweep, mop and vacuum all areas facility-wide. Watch out for flooring problems that can turn into workout or tripping hazards.
  6. SANITARY LOCKER ROOMS Locker rooms stay busy, so they need constant attention. Keep trash emptied, floors cleared of debris and windows and mirrors polished. Sanitize benches, locker doors and all touch points as often as possible, and schedule complete locker room cleaning at least once a day.
  7. SPARKLING SHOWERS Clean shower walls, floors, curtains, doors and fixtures daily. These damp spaces are prone to mold outbreaks, so frequently check potential problem areas like grout channels between tiles. Consider having the grout sealed to discourage unhealthy fungal growth.
  8. DISINFECTED BATHROOMS Make bathroom inspections a regular part of daily staff duties. Empty trash cans, fill dispensers, and polish and disinfect all fixtures. Routinely check under sinks and behind toilets for small leaks or signs of mold growth.
  9. CLEAN OFFICE SPACES Maintaining clean offices demonstrates your commitment to the highest levels of professionalism. Members sometimes drop by, and employees spend hours in these administrative spaces. Always keep office carpets vacuumed, floors swept, surfaces dusted, fixtures polished and windows cleaned.
  10. GERM-FREE TOUCHPOINTS Sanitize all touch points throughout your fitness facility. Equipment controls and screens, drinking fountains, customer swipe pads and shared keyboards are just a few examples of commonly overlooked touch points.