Concierge Team Support Program

Our Concierge Team Support Program is an additional complimentary service available for our clients, designed to reduce the amount of contractors you hire and focus on giving your maintenance more time to concentrate on customer service and maintaining resident satisfaction. This program will allow your maintenance team to tend to work orders more promptly and increase your properties resident retention while decreasing customer complaints. Statistics show that 3 out of the top 5 resident complaints are directed to the maintenance staff due to poor grounds/common area upkeep, quality of response to work orders, and overall customer service. (J Turner Research, June 2013). 

Our Concierge Team Support Program will address these issues and fill in the service gaps while your maintenance team continues with their on-site operations. Below are our most requested services.


Complimentary Services

Pet Station Clean-Up
Dog waste compromises the appearance of your property, attracts flies and other pests, offends the residents and most significantly, endangers the health of your pets and your family. We are here to help clean up the mess when you need us!

Event Set-Up
Events provide a powerful and effective way to improve customer relationships, build loyalty, strengthen your reputation, and generate referrals. Well-organized events can strengthen your brand and increase sales. Let us help setup your next event.

Pool Furniture Rest
First impression is everything, so let our guys reset your pool furniture after a big event or pool party so new potential residents don’t get the wrong impression. We reset the furniture, clean the grills, and pickup any loose trash in the common area.


Exterior Light Check
Light Audits | Cobb Webb Removal | Breezeway Blow Outs | Handrail Cleaning | Light Fixture Cleaning


Pressure Wash Stain
Pressure washing is considered to be one of the most effective ways to increase your properties’ value. Our technically trained staffs are available to remove any stains in your common area including trash leaks, oils stains, dirt and grime, or even mildew.


Flyer Distribution
Flyer distribution is one of the best and most effective ways to promote and distribute information. Not everybody has access to the internet so when you want to get a message out to your residents about an event or important information, let us help!


Grill Cleaning
Food always tastes better when cooked on a clean grill. A clean grill no longer has that smoky, rancid grease smell and looks more attractive for residents to grill on. Keeping your grill clean prevents future corrosion and extends the life of your grill.


Parking Lot Trash Pick-Up
AcoStar Trash Concierge will make sure the grounds are clear of any objects that look out of place, also in parks, parking lots etc. We want to go above and beyond to make sure your property is well taken care of. We want the residents and property management/owner to leave it up to the professionals to handle all the cleanliness. We put waste in the right place.