Our Technology

Keeping you well informed

It’s crucial to stay on top of what’s happening at your community, which is why we use the latest technology to keep property management informed. Important site updates and incident reports are sent to the office using text, voice, and photos.

Our service team members have smartphones or tablets so that they can send community condition updates via photo, voice, and text, in real time. It’s reliable, secure, and accurate, and a quick and easy way to report any issues to community managers.

The latest technology – for instant updates and reporting

Team members use a mobile workforce-management GPS tracking app. This allows full compliance with the community owner’s exact requirements, secure and accurate clocking in/out, and we can pinpoint their exact location for logistics, reporting, or responding to any issues.

Your benefits from using our technology

Have confidence our service team members are at your community when they say they are. Know that our planning and reporting is robust, accurate, and secure. Benefit from text, voice, and photo documentation field notes. Rely on powerful, proven technology.

  • Technology-based Accountability:
    Our mobile app is a robust biometric time clock and uses its front-facing camera to snap a photo of our staff when they clock in and out.
  • GPS-powered Geofencing:
    Our customized GPS geofences confirm when our service team members clock in at your community. It pinpoints our workers’ exact location. This allows us to plan, and achieve, efficient trash collection at each community; as well as confirming they’ve visited yours.
  • Team View Mapping:
    To better manage our service teams, we see a map of all technicians who are clocked in at our clients’ communities. This not only helps us with logistics, reporting, and work safety, but also responding accurately to any inquires you may have.
  • Field Notes:
    Important apartment community site updates and incident reports are easily sent by our service team members to the office using text, voice, and photos, for instant and secure documentation. We’ll never forget or regret to update you.
  • Proven & Reliable:
    Accurate, reliable time and attendance tracking of our remote workforce replaces paper time cards, website logins, or even trust (that they say they were ‘there’). There is less ‘margin for error’ (by less, we mean zero).
  • Simple To Use:
    Our workforce-management app is simple for our technicians to operate, even when they’re busy. However, we also provide them with full training as part of their on-boarding, meaning you receive all the benefits no matter which service team member attends.
    Whatever your individual needs, contact us to discuss your exact requirements and we’ll tailor a plan specific for you.

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Our GPS, geo fenced, accurate, secure, real-time technology, with photo, voice, & text reporting, forms the basis of our field operations for all apartment communities we serve. Request to have a brief high level conversation.

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