Pet Park Sanitation

Pet Waste Station Clean-Up

Keeping common areas clean is an important piece of the pet waste puzzle

While pet waste stations go a long ways towards curbing community pet waste issues, there will still be residents who fail pick up after their dog. With this in mind, occasional full-fledged common area cleanings are highly recommended for all communities.

Staying ahead of the accumulation is critical. Once the amount of unscooped dog poop reaches a certain level, other dog owners soon follow suit and begin leaving their pets’ waste on the ground too. When this happens, community managers start receiving complaint calls.

Based on our experience helping thousands of communities keep pet waste at bay. Many communities, however, choose to have AcoStar Cleaning provide common area cleanings on a monthly or every other month basis.
How it works is simple: When you request a common area cleaning, AcoStar Cleaning technicians will patrol paths, playgrounds, pool areas and other designated areas – any place dogs “do their business” – scooping up all pet waste and removing all loose trash we come across.

A partner in pet waste management

We work alongside community managers to develop and implement comprehensive pet waste management plans designed to meet their specific needs.

Caring for the community at large

AcoStar Cleaning is dedicated to making the world a better place to live, one waste removal at a time. With our environmentally friendly pet waste management practices, we not only keep your community clean and safe for families and pets to enjoy, but we work to improve the local environment as well.

When nature calls, we answer

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