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Valet Trash Services Dallas, TX

Garden-style Apartments

In garden-style apartments residents feel safer at night, avoiding the last minute, far-away trip to the trash compactor or dumpster; knowing their trash will be picked up by a uniformed professional, in all climates. The days of carrying heavy loads of garbage down long flights of stairs are over.

Mid-rise Apartments

Trash disposal and trash areas receive the “Greatest Frequencies of Written Complaints.” -Cel & Associates. Utilizing our trash valet service will address these issues and help you avoid the dependency of dirty trash chutes, which in return increases resident retention.

Hi-rise Apartments

Often times, the distance from the chute to the collection area creates a time consuming task. We will apply specific strategies designed to optimize waste flow in towering units saving both your resident’s time and your maintenance team’s time, which in return reduces your operating cost.

Trash Concierge

“We’re Your Partners In Profit”

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Our approach is simple yet highly effective at maintaining a cleaner community and providing the highest continued quality customer experience.  If you are located in Dallas, San Antonio, or Houston Metro there is no excuse for your property to settle for less.  We are ready to help increase your retention rates and to provide you with an advantage in an ever so competitive market.  We offer all customers a risk free trial and with our Win-Win Guarantee there is absolutely no way for you to lose.  It’s so easy it’s a no brainer.

Acostar Trash Concierge

AcoStar Cleaning is the revolutionary doorstep waste and recycling company for multi-family communities. Our clean cut, uniformed AcoStar Trash Concierge will maintain the cleanliness of your community while picking up bagged trash and recyclables 5 nights per week from your residents’ door.


Expand Your Amenities Package

Unlike a pool or gym, a trash valet service is an amenity that all residents can appreciate and use. Most people don’t like making trips to the dumpster. By offering your tenants the option to have their garbage picked up and recycled at their doorstep six days a week, you make your property more attractive to current residents and prospective tenants

Increase Your Net Operating Income

Property managers can make our trash valet services available to their tenants for a fee, which can be included in their monthly dues. This creates an additional complex revenue stream. Also, regular waste pickups ensure that trash isn’t left outside your tenants’ doors. This helps increase curb appeal and ups your property’s value while reducing total waste costs.

Create a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Community

Hiring us helps keep your community clean. We make recycling easy! All your tenants need to do is separate recyclables from other types of trash. They won’t have to go to the dumpster or the landfill. Our team will pick up the garbage and do the rest. This helps keep your community clean while helping the environment.


  • Over a dozen years experience in the Multifamily Industry.
  • Nationwide provider of Doorstep Valet Trash Service with tens of thousands of apartment units.
  • Our goals are to maximize your NOI revenue, increase crew loyalty, longevity & accountability.
  • Fully insured and background checked professional porters.
  • Familiar with collegiate Trash Concierge Operations
  • Familiar with multi-property simultaneous roll outs

Improve Your Communities Curb Appeal

  • National provides a leak resistant valet trashcan with a lid to every unit FREE OF COST!
  • Reduce the number of leaks that currently occur in your hallways.
  • Leak resistant tote bags or leak resistant push-carts (depending on the type of property) are used to collect valet trash from the residents’ doors

Zero – Cost

Start-Up Cost!Our 12-month, phase-in, for properties new to the service provides positive cash flow with zero start-up cost to the owner or the management company. All existing residents are not billed until their renewal but will still receive a AcoStar trash bin to participate

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